SW01 stainless steel IP65 waterproof tri-proof light

SW01 Stainless steel IP66 Tri-proof light

Short Description:

Product Name: SW01
Product Material: Aluminum base+ Tempered glass cover
Type: T8
Cable Gland: PG13.5
Standards: CE, RoHS
Type of Protection: IP66
Warranty: 5 Years

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Number of LED

SW01118 100-240V 600x90x90 1x18W T8 G13 1 Tube
SW01218 100-240V 600x125x90 2x18W T8 G13 2 Tube
SW01136 100-240V 1200x90x90 1x36W T8 G13 1 Tube
SW01236 100-240V 1200x125x90 2x36W T8 G13 2 Tube
SW01158 100-240V 1500x90x90 1x58W T8 G13 1 Tube
SW01258 100-240V 1500x125x90 2x58W T8 G13 2 Tube


Product Datasheet

sw01 规格

Product parameters

1. The sw01 tri-proof lamp body is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust. Compared with ordinary tri-proof lamps, it is more durable and has a longer service life. The lampshade is made of tempered glass, which has higher luminous brightness and is more suitable for use in humid and dark environments .

2. The connection between the bottom case and the electrical board is a rotary knob, and the bottom case does not need to be perforated, which enhances the waterproof performance. It is often used for the installation of LED T8 lamp tubes, and it is convenient and flexible to replace. Just put the lamp tube on the rotary knob, and then rotate it 90° to install successfully, meeting the lighting needs of various environments.

3. This tri-proof light is sealed with silicone to prevent water vapor and dust from entering the interior of the light body. The protection level is IP66, Ik08, and it can be used in various humid and dark environments.

4. The light body of this stainless steel tri-proof light adopts a buckle-type structure, which can be opened quickly and is easy to install and maintain. The stainless steel buckle is durable and not easy to rust.

Product Use environment

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, wharf, food, pharmaceutical, and other factories and enterprises. It is mainly used as factory lighting, especially for highly corrosive workshop lighting.

Product Description


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