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SINOAMIGO Lighting is a lighting solution provider that offers a wide range of LED lighting products mainly for commercial and industrial applications. SINOAMIGO lighting is ISO9001 & ISO14001 certificated and member of ZPALI. Zhejiang Sinoamigo Lighting Co., Ltd. Headquarters in Wenzhou, SINOAMIGO Lighting now has more than 200 employees and two production bases, including Sulv Industrial Park in Wenzhou and Cixi Industrial Park in Ningbo, Its products mainly include all kinds of industrial lighting products, covering IP65 waterproof lighting fixture, LED module floodlight, LED hi-bay light, LED module street light, LED ceiling light and accessory.



As a leading lighting solution provider in the Zhejiang export lighting industry, SINOAMIGO Lighting not only devotes itself to the study of the rational use of light and the provision of intimate and reasonable products but also provides specialized supporting services such as differentiated lighting solutions for consumers at home and abroad, so as to comprehensively enhance the light experience of users living and working environment for different occasions. The lighting products provided by SINOAMIGO Lighting can fully meet people's needs for lighting in different time and space. Make the mission of "Let There Be Light" - "let the light appear where it is needed" truly promote the development of a better life.


SINOAMIGO Lighting attaches great importance to lighting research and development. In the early days of the company's establishment, SINOAMIGO Lighting Laboratory and R&D team were set up under the leadership of the company's management. The company continuously invests in R&D costs for product optimization and new product development every year. We pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights of products, with a number of patented intellectual property rights. SINOAMIGO Lighting has built more than 6 production lines, including LED streetlights, LED ceiling lights, LED Waterproof luminaires, LED high bay lights, and so on. It has long-term cooperation with colleges and universities in Wenzhou and Ningbo, injecting sustainable energy into the company's lighting research and development.

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SINOAMIGO Lighting has accumulated profound advantages in the construction of sales channels. As early as the start of the enterprise, SINOAMIGO Lighting has begun to lay out overseas channels, establish online and offline marketing channels, and establish a strong marketing team and perfect marketing system through close cooperation with partners at home and abroad. In recent years, SINOAMIGO Lighting has actively expanded its domestic business, strived to build a national monopoly store system, and established a good brand image by combining online with offline.